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What sizes can I print?

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2013 12:21PM CEST

The actual size of a document is less important than the aspect ratio of the content. We will never cut your content or change the aspect ratio. However, we might change the total size to make it fit in our offerings. We will always do the fitting downwards if we can, so we will only enlarge a document to fit in a product if your document is smaller than the smallest product we have.

If the document you supply fits within our aspect ratio range, your customer will be offered only products that reflect that aspect ratio correctly.


To be offered a product, the rules for bookalikes are are:

  • A publication should have at least 16 pages and at most 500.
  • Its aspect ratio (width/height) should be below 1.54.
  • Its aspect ratio (width/height) should be over 0.34

These rules apply if you do not remove any catalogue items out of your portfolio. If you do, you run the risk that for some publications there will not be any products available.

Note: due to technical limitations, our hardcover books cannot be trimmed dynamically to reflect the entire aspect ratio range. These products have several fixed aspect ratios. For the exact aspect ratios for hardcover books, see our catalogue.  

Single page products

Posters can be cut dynamically, pretty much like the softcover books and magazines. 

For canvas, dibond, acryl and sets of postcards, we are working towards a similar solution. However, for now, these products have a fixed aspect ratio. Single page products can be submitted in both landscape or portrait.
  • Canvas, dibond, acryl: 1:1 or 4:3
  • Sets of postcards: 1.38:1
See our product catalogue for the exact sizes of the products we offer.

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