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How can I style the button?

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2013 10:17AM CET

You can style the button while keeping price and status information. The default button styles can be switched off by applying this button variable:


The button will still show price information, but it will not show any styling whatsoever. In that case, you could apply your own CSS rules, based the following HTML structure.

<a class="peecho-btn">
	<span class="peecho-btn-outer">
		<span class="peecho-btn-inner">
			<span class="peecho-btn-text"></span>
			<span class="peecho-icon"></span>

State CSS classes

In every state of the button, another class is added to the link tag to indicate that state. These are the state classes.


  • peecho-btn-okay
  • peecho-btn-disabled
  • peecho-btn-error

For example, you could hide the disabled button entirely by applying the style:

a.peecho-btn-disabled {display:none;}

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