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Is Peecho expensive?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2013 10:33AM CET

We provide our service to website owners. They are allowed to add a mark-up to our wholesale prices and earn a profit on each sale. So, depending on where the cloud print button sits, prices may vary.

Print on demand

In general, it is by far cheapest to produce large numbers of the same product at once and in advance, using offset printing. However, this forces publishers to take a financial risk. Offset printing also commonly results in overproduction - which is really bad for the environment. So, printing on demand without a minimum quantity is what we offer. This means that we produce unique products by the piece, only after you ordered.

Transforming web content

When you do a little search on the internet, printing on demand can sometimes be cheaper with other suppliers. That is because we do more than just printing. Our service is meant to print publications that are primarily created for digital display on websites or in apps. Because these files are hardly ever optimized for print, our fully automated service provides the following with the click of a single button:

  • We accept almost any aspect ratio and size (our button calculates product availability for your document).
  • In our checkout, we offer only the products that you can actually order with the specifications of your document.
  • We completely 'sanitize' the document file, changing it into separate ISO-certified PDF files for cover and contents.
  • We create physical elements like spine, bleed, margin, cut marks and so on - digitally extrapolating your publication's content if necessary.
  • We deliver your file to the best facilities in the world, as close to the recipient as possible, to minimize the ecological footprint even more.

Minimizing implementation effort

For website owners, we minimized the integration effort - and cost - that they need to make this work. They just need to add a single button in a very simple procedure. This cloud print button does all the calculation work and dynamically shows the lowest price for a particular document. Now, their visitors can order content by clicking a single button - no upload procedure, no failing product choices and so on.

... and we will be cheaper, we promise

All of this is taken care of in an automated process - so if the number of orders increases, we can still perform at the same level. Because of this, we expect to be able to lower our prices continuously once incoming volumes increase. 

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