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How can I hide my high-res content

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2013 03:04PM CEST
Because Peecho will need to download your source file (PDF or image) and process it, it needs your file to be publicly available. This means it we need to have a direct link to the source document somewhere on the internet - without any security (otherwise we cannot access it).
Since you have to specify the URL to the source file in your HTML button code, all of your website visitors who are technically savvy can view the page source and see this link and download the file. There are a lot of cases where you don't want your source documents to be publicly available to those visitors, for example because there are copyright limitations to your content. Fortunately, we have a solution for this problem. 

You can hide the first half of your public source URL, making it impossible for your visitors to find out the complete public URL.

To be a bit more precise: in our admin systems the first part of the source URL can be configured and in your HTML code only the filename of the source file has to be specified. Since there is no way for your visitors to know the first part of the URL, they can never figure out the full URL - and your content is safe.


Original full URL in the button HTML:

Using the Peecho security feature, this would result in the following URL in the Peecho admin:

The source URL in the button HTML code would become:


Now, your visitors can only see pdf-filename.pdf and thus have now way to download the source file.

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