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Can my customers order a document which is not yet ready?

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2013 10:18AM CET
As described in this blog post sometimes the source document (PDF or an image) may not yet be ready prior to the checkout process. In that case we change the configuration of the merchant such that:
  1. A customer can order the document even though the source URL is unknown. Based on the desired width, height and number of pages the Peecho checkout can determine which products can be selected for this document to be printed on. 

  2. The customer pays for the document

  3. When Peecho receives this new order we temporarily put the order processing workflow on hold to send a GET request to a URL defined by the merchant. The GET request includes the unique Peecho Order ID and the unique merchant reference number which you specified when the customer opened the Peecho checkout. The URL has the following form: The third parameter 'secret' is used to prevent tampering with the HTTP request.

  4. When the merchant is ready preparing the source document you can invoke the following REST API call: which is specified in the API manual. This will trigger the regular Peecho processing workflow and the document will be produced.

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