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What if pages in my document have an inconsistent size or aspect ratio?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2013 10:26AM CET
Make sure that within a document, your pages have the same size - or rather, the same aspect ratio. If the size of aspect ratio is different per page, this may cause some unwanted side-effects.

Small size or aspect ratio deviations can, most likely, not be seen in a digital document viewer. In digital publishing, it really doesn't matter that much if pages have a different size or aspect ratio. However, on paper, physical pages must be the same size eventually, so our system automatically compensates for the difference in aspect ratio by fitting all page content to the most common width of all your pages.
  • If only the size is different, this may mean that text or images become bigger or smaller on certain pages. 
  • A different aspect ratio has a different effect. Since by policy, we do not cut anything off of your content, the system automatically fits that content by introducing an empty space on the right side as a result. This is fine for normal content, but it does not work well for photo spreads, for example. 

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