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Can I use photo spreads across two pages?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2013 10:33AM CET
In general, using photo spreads is a bit risky, because the ideal design for digital purposes is slightly different than that for print.

A photo spread in digital publishing is just a big photo. However, in paper, there is a fold in the middle, causing content to partly disappear in the fold area. So traditionally, when designing for print, a spread is always "overlapping" - which means that the right part of the left half of the photo is also on the left part of the right half of the photo and vice versa.

This does not look good on a digital publication, obviously, so most digital publishers that also publish in print simply avoid this scenario or use content that does not show anything important near the location of the fold - they especially avoid text there.

If text just runs from left to right across two pages, it will be unreadable in the middle, where the fold sits. Overlapping may help, but is also risky because the exact curve of the fold is hard to predict. Also, the curve tends to change in time, when the paper becomes more flexible. So, it is wise to avoid text across pages if you want your publications to look good in print.

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