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What do the error codes mean?

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2013 09:30AM CEST

The following explains the error codes that we use in case something goes wrong in our checkout procedure. These error codes are added to the return URL as GET parameters and are used by the checkout to show a message on screen to explain what happened. As a button owner, if you use a custom error URL, you can read these variables and decide what to do with them yourself.

600 Generic

This is the most complicated one. It means "we really don't know what caused this". This code is usually returned if the error is very specific for a given website.

601 Source Does Not Exist

This is a common error message. To be able to use the cloud print button, the owner has the responsibility to make the target document available under a public URL. The 600 error message means that the document source file is not available for us to download, so you cannot order this document as a product. Usually, this is out of our hands, since we do not own, store or host the source content. 

602 Wrong Number of Pages

This error is caused if a number a number of pages is submitted that we do not support - so it is either too small or too large. Normally, the cloud print button should prevent this from happening, because it gets disabled for these extreme page numbers.

603 No Matching Offering

This error occurs when there is no product available for the associated document. Normally, the cloud print button gets disabled in these situations, but in theory, you could delete all products in the admin interface - because the button may update itself with a delay, this could happen.

606 Quantity Below Minimum

For some products, there is a minimum quantity. So, you can only buy at least this minimum quantity of a given product. The error message is returned if the quantity is set below this number. 

608 Unsupported aspect ratio

Some of our products have a fixed aspect ratio requirement, like hardcover books. That means that other sizes cannot be printed. If a merchant decides to only offer this kind of products, this error may be shown. It says that the aspect ratio of your document is not supported.

609 Upload failed

For some mysterious reason, the upload of your document failed. Please try again if this happens and if it still fails, we would appreciate it if you told us. Something may be broken. 

610 Image resolution too low

We try to print anything - but sometimes, an image is just too small. A very low resolution results in disappointed customers and we hate that. Sorry.

650 Quote Failure

The pricing for each order is calculated real-time, and returned as a "quote". Within a certain time period, this quote is valid and can be used to make a payment. If for some reason the system canot calculate a proper quote, it returns this message. If this occurs, please let us know.

651 Peecho Unavailable

We take pride in our uptime, so this does not happen very often, but this message is returned if for some reason our back-end servers are down. 

652 Amazon Web Services Unavailable

This error message is thrown when part of the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure is unavailable. Our complete set-up exists in multiple regions, so even in the most extreme cases, this should not occur. Up until now, this has never happened.  

653 Order Not Found

If you use the re-order link through the "share this" option, it could happen that the original order cannot be found anymore. This will cause the attempt to share to fail. Hypothetically, this could also happen if you manually copy the URL of the checkout procedure and try to reload a previous order that is no longer valid. 

670 Payment Failure

If the payment procedure failed, the payment provider will let us know and we will return this code.

671 Payment Cancelled

If the visitor decides to cancel the payment procedure, we will return this error code.

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